Dad Hats

If you're new to dad hats and looking for an explanation, look no further.

The Hat

Let's start with the hat. A dad hat is a baseball cap style hat with five or six panels. It has a slightly curved brim and a sloppy, worn out structure (we'll get to the why later) and is low profile. Compared to baseball caps, dad hats always have an adjustable, metal buckle. Regular baseball caps come in different variations including velcro straps and snapbacks and fitted. Just like baseball caps, dad hats come with embroidery. However, where baseball caps usually have a sports team logo or any other sort of logo, dad hats don't necessarily have logos. The embroidery can basically be anything, meaning that the variations of dad hats are endless.

The Dad

When you think of it, the hat part of the dad hat is basically just a variation of a baseball cap. So what makes a dad hat different from all those other caps? The key is in the dad part and what it has evolved into over the past two years. At it's earliest introduction, the dad hat was really just what its name says: a hat from your dad. Or more specifically, the kind of hat your dad would wear if he goes outside to mow the lawn on Sunday mornings. An old, worn out hat with some random logo that your dad does not wear for any other particular reason than wanting to wear a hat.
The first dad hat was obviously worn by your dad, but he definitely did not turn it into a fashion trend. Just like many other fashion trends these days, the dad hat originated in the hip hop scene. Through artists like Travis Scott and Kanye West, the dad hat grew in popularity amongst celebrities and naturally their fans followed. At first, dad hats were really just that, hats with old logos from random sports teams or companies. As the hat grew in popularity, many artists and other celebrities cleverly jumped on the train to create their own dad hat with their own logo. From there, the dad hat has evolved to where we saw anything and everything embroidered on dad hats, including pineapples and poop emojis.
While wearing a dad hat is certainly not a unique fashion statement that's going to set you apart from the crowd, there is a very clever twist compared to many other fashion items: the dad hat is a very versatile accessory. It really does not matter what color your hat is, if it looks new or old or what image is embroidered on top of it. Anything goes and it is up to the owner of the hat to decide what the value is to him or her. There truly is a dad hat for everyone. Last but not least, dad hats are like wine, they get better as they get older.

The Dead Hat

That brings us to the Dead Hat. The Dead Hat is our take on a Dragon Ball dad hat. We believe that hats are an easy way to add some style to your outfit while being subtle enough to not make you stand out like crazy if you don't want to (of course, there are also hats that will do that for you). Especially with Dragon Ball gear that is tough to get by and that is where our idea really originated. We both like hats and obviously like Dragon Ball, but we've never found a really cool Dragon Ball hat. So we decided to create our own. For this first Dead Hat we went with Yamcha because we feel that he's a relatable character to many fans of the Dragon Ball universe. That makes it easy to connect with fellow fans and at the same time we all know the memes, adding a bit of laughs to the hat. So whether you buy one for yourself, a friend or maybe even your dad, we hope that it brings you joy in your life every time you wear it. Get your Dead Hat here!

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