Yamcha's Origins

When Yamcha is first introduced to the Dragon Ball universe we get to know him as a bandit out to ambush the main protagonists Goku and Bulma. Like most characters in Dragon Ball, Yamcha is very adept at martial arts and he naturally ends up fighting Goku. However, we soon find out that Yamcha has one major problem: talking to women or rather, women in general. So when he sees Bulma, he flees from the scene. He does not give up on his quest to rob Goku and Bulma and keeps following them. Throughout the Dragon Ball series, Yamcha slowly transforms into a good guy and he ends up getting over his phobia for women when he has to rescue Bulma. The two even become romantically involved at the end and from that point on, Yamcha continues to be a recurring character in the Dragon Ball series, switching between roles as co-protagonist and side character.

Yamcha Meme

While Yamcha has always been a familiar character for Dragon Ball fans, he gained worldwide fame in Dragon Ball Z during the Saiyan Saga. When alien Saiyan warriors Vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth to destroy mankind, Yamcha is one of the fighters who is called upon to help fight the threat. When Nappa uses an alien race of goblin like creatures called Saibamen, Yamcha steps up to defeat them. After he defeats the first Saibaman, Yamcha looks at Nappa and taunts him, claiming that he can take on all of the Saibamen. At the same time, the viewer can see the beaten Saibaman get up in the background and subsequently launch himself at Yamcha, clinging on to him. As it turns out, Saibamen have the ability to self-destruct and after the smoke of the explosion clears, Yamcha can be seen in the all too familiar pose. According to knowyourmeme, the first occurrence of the meme happened in 2009. The image of Yamcha lying dead on the ground was accompanied by the quote "you were Yamcha", a derivative from another quote: "you were reckless". According to knowyourmeme "Such association of Yamcha and FAIL was established most likely due to the character’s feeble strength in comparison to other Saiyan-blooded characters including his friends Goku and his son Gohan.". The image spread and the meme was born and in 2010 it made it's way to English speaking parts of the internet. Since then, Yamcha has become a synonym for people who bite of more than they can chew and a globally recognised source of jokes and laughter.

Yamcha Dead Hat

At PlanetGoku we figured there is no one more suitable for a crossover between Dragon Ball, meme and fashion culture than Yamcha and that was when the idea for the Dead Hat was born. Together with a professional artist we recreated the image of Yamcha to make it suitable for embroidery while keeping both the essence of the pose and the recognisability. If you decide to buy this hat for yourself or for a friend, we hope that we can share with you a passion for Dragon Ball, internet culture and fashion and we hope that it makes you happy. Get your Dead Hat here!

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