The Best Dragon Ball Z Gear For The 2019 Fall and Winter Seasons

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The Best Dragon Ball Z Gear For The 2019 Fall and Winter Seasons

Looking for some Dragon Ball inspired gear to keep you warm this fall or winter, but you don't really know where to look? Then you're in the right place! I have listed a few of the coolest Dragon Ball fashion items available in online stores right now. Let's jump right in!

5. Hot Topic Dragon Ball Z Goku Coaches Jacket


A great modern version of Goku's classic gi, the Goku Coaching Jacket is something you can wear every day. A Turtle School patch on the front and King Kai patch on the back give it the authentic Goku feel. The drawstring hood will keep you warm during colder days.

You can get it here starting at $59.92 excluding shipping.

4. Zing Dragon Ball Z Knit Beanie



This beanie is straightforward and as DBZ as it gets. The name is knitted in the classic font and it features the four star dragon ball on the cuff.

You can get it here for $25 excluding shipping.

3. PlanetGoku Yamcha 'Dead Hat' Beanie


After the Yamcha Dead Hat, winter asks for something a little bit warmer. If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan you probably recognise who this is and what is going on here. Yamcha's Death Pose is famous among DBZ fans and even has its own entry on KnowYourMeme.

 You can get it here for $29.95 excluding shipping.

2. A Bathing Ape Broly X AAPE 


Tough to find and even more expensive, the latest Bathing Ape Dragon Ball collab is back with a Broly Capsule. It is not for everyone, but the Frieza x Goku sweatshirt definitely hits some of the right Dragon Ball vibes.

Since they are hard to find, your best bet is to go to Ebay or other notable marketplaces/resellers. Prices fluctuate a lot, but expect to pay at least $200/300.

1. PlanetGoku BADMAN Hoodie


My number 1 on this list is the BADMAN hoodie by PlanetGoku. If you are a real Dragon Ball Z fan you know exactly what the BADMAN is all about. Fashion statements don't get much bolder than Vegeta's all pink BADMAN shirt. While this hoodie isn't as loud as Vegeta's original, it pays homage to the moment. And yes, they have it in pink as well as a sweater version.

You can get it here for $44.95 excluding shipping.


That's the list. That's some of the coolest Dragon Ball inspired gear you're going to find online this fall/winter season. Of course, there are also your AliExpress and hats, but you have to be willing to deal with long shipping times and questionable quality.

Hopefully this list can help you add some DBZ fashion to your wardrobe, while we all wait for Dragon Ball Super to return in 2020. If you know any other feel free to let me know. I would also greatly appreciate it if you shared this list with others to get the word around.

Until next time!



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